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Peadar O'Riada

“I wish to express my full support to the fund raising for the proposed new
Irish Music Centre, “Cnoc na Gaoithe”, in Tulla, County Clare.
It is situated in the heartland of East Clare Traditional Irish Music. This part of Ireland has been very important in the preservation of the tradition. There are few such areas remaining in the country after many centuries of indigenous cultural degradation.

It has a well-defined lineage and distinctive set of parameters within which its tradition has survived. These encompass literary and historical elements but are musical for the main part.

It is very important therefore, as the last of the older generations pass on, that a method is put in place to ensure the survival of this cultural resource, in the modern-day context of life. The older methods of cultural transfer have disappeared worldwide and thus new methods must be employed, with all that it entails with modern technology.

I therefore applaud the arrival of this project and wish it every support and success. Indeed I personally have already been active in giving my name to its launching on the world stage.

Peadar Ó Riada, Cúil Aodha, Co Cork, musician and composer



Peadar O'Riada
Peadar Ó Riada, Cúil Aodha,
musician and composer



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