A rare opportunity to get master classes from two legends of traditional Irish music. Class size limited to 10 students.

Frankie Gavin – Advanced Fiddle Master Class
Noel Hill – Advanced Concertina Master Class.

Cost €20 ~ Master class student’s entry to concert €5 when booked with class.
Pre – Booking strongly advised 087 8350996 or 087 1715760

Frankie Gavin

Frankie Gavin was born in 1956 in Corrandulla, Co Galway and he stands out as one of the most distinctive and innovative figures in traditional music since the 1970s.He has made a significant impact on the shape and sound of traditional music, particularly through his work as a soloist on fiddle, flute and whistle. His other major contribution to traditional music is through his work with De Dannan which he founded in 1973 and with whom he has brought traditional music and song to audiences the world over.
Frankie’s approach to music manages to remain fresh and contemporary while capturing the energy and humour of the bands and entertainers of Irish-America in the early 20th century. His musical collaborations and arrangements have stretched and challenged the boundaries of traditional music, and opened up new avenues for other to follow. The list of artists he has worked with, in addition to the stellar performers in De Dannan, is impressive: Charlie Lennon, Máirtín O’Connor, Paul Brock, Jackie Daly, Stéphane Grappelli, The Rolling Stones and he has explored genres as diverse as Balkan and Klezmer music alongside music-hall and vaudeville.
Always curious and receptive to different angles on music, Frankie’s willingness to experiment with new repertoire and arrangements has produced a body of work that includes interpretations and reworkings of Handel’s The Return of the Queen of Sheba, and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. His 1977 album with Alec Finn, Traditional Music of Ireland, is widely considered a classic and influential album that remains a reference point for both fiddle players and accompanists. Over the years, he has developed his own unique style that is playful, exciting, uplifting, majestic and technically brilliant with an unmistakable tone.
Frankie’s recorded output includes five solo albums Up and Away (1995), Frankie Gavin (1997), Frankie Goes to Town (1999), Shamrocks & Holly: An Irish Christmas Celebration (1999) and Fierce Traditional (2001).
His work with De Dannan spans over thirty years and includes the seminal 1975 De Danann and the classic Mist Covered Mountain (1980), as well as the ground-breaking albums Star-Spangled Molly (1981) and Hibernian Rhapsody (1995) and the 2012 album Jigs, Reels and Rock n’Roll.

Noel Hill

Noel Hill was born in Caherea in West Clare. His parents and grandparents were all concertina players. He was particularly influenced by his uncle, Padraig A Chnoic ( Paddy Hill). He started playing age 9 and was lucky to have heard endless hours of Willie Clancy, Paddy Canny, Peter O’Loughlin, Paddy Murphy and Micky Hanrahan. Noel joined up with Tony Linnane, Tony Callinan and Kiearan Hanrahan to form the group Inchiquin, they recorded one album. His most celebrated album is “Noel Hill and Tony Linnane” in 1979. His other main recordings include “Í gCnoc na Graí “ with Tony McMahon, in 1985, “The Irish Concertina One” 1988, “Aisling Céoil” in 1993 with Tony McMahon and Iarla Ó Lionard, “The Irish Concertina Two” in 2005 with Alec Finn, Arty McGlynn, Brian McGrath, Liam O’Connor and Steve Cooney.
He has toured world widewide including U.K, Europe, America, Australia, Hong Kong, China and Canada.
He teaches concertina at the Noel Hill Irish Concertina Schools in Ireland and throughout the United States. Among the many concertina that he plays, he has a miniature made by Charles Jeffries, which is 2 inches by 2inches. This is sometimes claimed as being the smallest concertina in the world.